Mountain climbing, hiking and trekking are the main activities undertaken by the numerous visitors to our refuge, with varying levels of difficulty, commitment and fun.

For information about the classic and modern climbing routes we invite you to contact us (tel. +39 0175 94943)  or the Monviso Alpine Guides (Guide del Monviso. Tel. +39 0175 94945 –

Below we propose three hiking and trekking routes which allow you to get to know the Sella Refuge and the surrounding area, each different in length and difficulty.  Enjoy your walk!

Discover the tracks

Three Touristic Routes.

  • A one day trip: walk and polenta.

The classic for those who are looking for a “light weight” approach to the mountain.  From Pian del Re (2000 meters) to the Sella Refuge (2640 meters), walking time 2 ½  hours (for details of this route go to the “How to Find Us” page).  Approximately 2 hours for the decent.

  • A two day trip: overnight in the Sella Refuge with a climb of Viso Mozzo (3,019 meters).

From Pian del Re (2000 meters) to the Sella Refuge (2640 meters), walking time 2 ½  hours. Overnight stay in the Sella Refuge with breakfast; it is possible to leave rucksacks at the refuge to make for a lighter assent of Viso Mozzo. It is a trip of about one hour, along rocky footpaths with red and white markers to show the way. The view is spectacular and the effort worth it.





  • A three day trip: the round trip of Monviso (Giro del Viso).

A classic and popular trekking route of great beauty. We propose the shortest of the innumerable possible routes.   
Day one: Assent from Pian del Re and an overnight stay at the Sella Refuge (2 ½ hours)

Day two: From the Sella Refuge through the San Chiaffredo pass and the Bosco dell’Alevé to the Vallanta Refuge with an overnights stay (5 hours)
Day three: From the Vallanta Refuge returning to Pian del Re by way of either the Traversette pass, or the Giacoletti Refuge (around 7 hours)