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How to get to the Po Valley (Valle Po)

How to get to the Po Valley (Valle Po)

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“S. Pertini” Torino Caselle Airport – in Turin
http://www.aeroportoditorino.it – tel. +39 011 5676361/2

“Olimpica” Cuneo Levaldigi Airport – in Cuneo
http://www.aeroporto.cuneo.it/ – info@aeroporto.cuneo.it – tel. +39 0172 741 500 – 558


A6 Turin to Savona Motorway (Autostrada A6 Torino – Savona)
Exit the motorway at Marene, turn left and take the S.S. 662 (an A road) to Savigliano, follow this road to Saluzzo and from here follow the signposts for the Po Valley (Valle Po) along the S.P. 26 (a B road) until you arrive in Crissolo.

A21 Turin to Alessandria to Piacenza Motorway (Autostrada A21 Torino – Alessandria – Piacenza)
Exit the motorway at Asti East (Asti est), follow directions for Alba, then Bra where the road becomes the S.S. 662 passing through Marene, Savigliano and then to Saluzzo. At Saluzzo follow signposts for the Po Valley (Valle Po) along the S.P. 26 (a B road) until you arrive in Crissolo.

Turin to Pinerolo Motorway (Autostrada Torino – Pinerolo)
Exit the Turin ringroad (Tangenziale di Torino) and take the Turin – Pinerolo Motorway at Beinasco, following it to Pinerolo. Here you should follow the signposts initially to Val Pellice, and then in turn to Bibiana, Bagnolo, Barge, Paesana and finally Crissolo.


The nearest train stations are at Saluzzo, Savigliano and Pinerolo. For further information go to: www.ferroviedellostato.it.

It is possible to arrive in Crissolo in the following ways:

Bus service:

ATI (www.atibus.it – tel. 0175-478.811) for the Po Valley (Valle Po) to Paesana.
Dossetto Bus (www.dossettobus.it – tel. 0175.346360) from Paesana to the upper Po Valley.
Autolinee Allasia (www.allasiaautolinee.com – autolinee@tin.it – 0172 33228) for the Po Vallies  and Bronda.
Autolinee Cavourese (www.cavourese.it – info@cavourese.it – 0121.69031) for the Infernotto Valley

Bus and minibus hire:

Dossetto Bus (Barge) telephone and fax 0175 346360
Rossetto Bus (Barge) telephone 0175 346703 – 348 5840330
Autonoleggio Ribotta (Bagnolo P.te) telephone 0175 392020


Sig. Bussi telephone 0175 248589
Sig. Faudone telephone 0175 45098 Sig. Rosso telephone 0175 41460

For further information may be obtained from the Piedmont Regional Government site. http://www.regione.piemonte.it/prontotrasporti

How to get to The Quintino Sella Refuge (Rifugio Quintino Sella)

From the Po Valley (Valle Po).
Click on the image below to view the map.

From the Po Valley (Valle Po) it is possible to arrive at the Quintino Sella refuge (Rifugio Quintino Sella) using the following routes:

From Pian del Re.

After leaving your vehicle in the car park at Pian del Re you take the footpath which starts next to the source of the Po (Sorgente Po).  This route is the V13 trail and signposted to Rifugio Sella.  The footpath is well trodden and well signposted.  Approximate walking time is 2hours 40mins.

From Pian della Regina (Pian Melze’).

After leaving your vehicle in the car park next to the Baita della Polenta.  From here take the ascending footpath which follows the Po river bed until you arrive at Pian del Re.  From here follow the directions detailed above.  Approximate walking time is 3 hours.

From Oncino.

Make you way by vehicle to the hamlet Meire d’Acant  (frazione Meire d’Acant) and park on the roadside.  From here take the visible and well signposted footpath to the Alpetto refuge (Rifugio Alpetto).  From the Alpetto Refuge follow the signposts for Rifugio Sella. Approximate walking time is 3 hours 15 minutes.

From the Varaita Valley (Valle/Val Varaita).

It is also possible to get to the Quintino Sella Refuge from the Varaita Valley (Val Varaita).  Val Varaita is signposted from Saluzzo:

From Castello, a hamlet forming part Pontechianale (Castello, frazione di Pontechianale).

After leaving your vehicle at the beginning of the hamlet Castello, just before the damn, follow the footpath which takes you into the Vallanta valley (Vallone di Vallanta) and to the Omonimo Refuge (Rifugio Omonimo) along the U9 trail. Where the path forks, at Grange Soulieres, take the footpath which goes right (signposted to the San Chiaffredo Pass (Passo di San Chiaffredo) along the U10 trail).  Once through the Pass follow the signposts for the Gallarino Pass ( Passo del Gallarino) and from there the signposts for the Sella Refuge (Rifugio Sella). The footpath is very well trodden and well signposted.  Approximate walking time is 4 ½ hours.